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US Spouse Visa

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There are different visa options that a married US citizen to a Thai spouse may apply, if he/she wants to bring his/her Thai spouse to the United States. Depending on their marital status and the time frame that the US citizen allotted to take his/her spouse to the US, the couple may or have to choose amongst the provided options as follows:

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Marriage Options

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Thai marriage has many different aspects when it comes to a marriage ceremony or rituals. Nowadays, their tradition of marriage is rarely maintained in this modernized time. It’s because there’s a variety of choices to deem now that Thailand is openly considerate, regarding the common type of wedding ceremony used internationally.

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Getting Married in Thailand

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A sizable percentage of foreigners decide to stay and retire in Thailand because they meet the girl (or boy) of their dreams here.  The number of seemingly available and very attractive Thai ladies in this country is sometimes overwhelming, and I’m sure the cause of many motorcycle accidents.

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Thailand International Checkpoints

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If you are visiting Thailand and you don’t have a visa then you can obtain a visa on arrival or visa waiver at the international border crossing points in Thailand. Here is a list of international border points in Thailand. If you are arriving by land over a Thai border then you need to will only obtain 15 days stay irrespective of your nationality. If you have a Thai visa then you can stay for as long as what the visa permits.

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Thailand Visa Options

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Thailand is famous for many things. The changing visa laws forces one to keep a breast of the latest developments and the requirements for a Thailand Visa . There are a number of options when it comes to Thai visas depending on what you want to do in Thailand. If you are coming to Thailand on holiday or just a short two week holiday then you don’t need a visa as you will receive a visa on arrival at the airport which gives you 30 days stay in Thailand.

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